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Welcome To Our House…

We are located at 1021 US Route One in beautiful York Maine, Our Storefront offers a lobster experience that will not be found anywhere else on the seacoast!

We also have a live lobster tank where you can pick out your lobsters and the whole family can tour the facility and learn more about the local lobster industry.

Our retail store offers various sea foods as well as live and cooked Lobsters, clams and mussels to go.



Didn’t see that one coming, did you?

Our main focus is the distribution of live lobsters. Every lobster we sell is caught right here in Maine. Local fisherman from Kittery to Wells drop their day’s catch at our door every night.

We also have direct lobster wharfs we work with up and down the coast to keep us stocked with a steady supply of fresh caught lobsters.

Come on in and pick the lobster you want from our live tank! We believe Maine lobster is a special treat. Every member of our team is trained to answer any questions you may have and to provide the Maine lobster experience you dreamed of.

We guarantee you’ll love it and keep coming back for more!  Our store carries fresh lemons and one pound blocks of butter to go with your lobster in an effort to make us a one stop shop for our customers.

Fresh Picked Lobster Meat

We pride ourselves on our sterling reputation for fresh pickings!

There are many places to purchase lobster meat around the state of Maine, but you won’t find anything finer than the offerings at Southern Maine Lobster Company.

Our meat sets itself apart by being 100% truly fresh picked with clean lobster tails, knuckles, and claws.

We cook all our lobsters with a unique secret ingredient added to the water to give the meat that special SMLC taste, and our team comes in every morning to pick the lobster meat being sold THAT DAY.


Frozen Shrimp

Shrimp fishing in Maine hasn’t been allowed since 2014, so the only shrimp around is sourced from different areas of the world. We carry a variety of frozen shrimp, ranging from Gulf shrimp to Canadian baby shrimp.

Whether it’s for shrimp cocktail or you’re throwing some on the girll, we know this is the freshest, highest quality frozen product you’ll find.



When in season, our retail store carries locally grown corn to complete the perfect lobster platter.


 Scrambling to put together the perfect lobster bake?

Need a last-minute dinner options on a summer night? Have your lobsters cooked and ready for pickup!

We boil our lobsters in natural salt water with our own SMLC secret ingredient producing the best tasting lobster meat around.

It’s as simple as giving us a call (207) 420-7652. We’ll have your lobsters ready for pickup at a time that works best for you.



No gathering too small, no party too large, we look forward to making your event a memorable one with our on-site Lobster cooking services.

Sit back, relax, and let us take care of the lobster!

To reserve a Lobster Bake, visit our retail store or call (207) 420-7652



Craving Maine lobster but stuck out of state?

 Have no fear.

Call us anytime (207) 420-7652 for door to door shipping from our house to yours. We take fresh, locally caught lobsters and pack them in specially designed boxes for overnight shipping anywhere in the US. Unlike most companies you will find online, we make it simple, fast, and affordable.

We know it’s hard to find real Maine lobster, but we’ve got it and we want to share our treasure with everyone. There’s no need to pay for fancy overpriced meals or add-ons from stores or restaurants when you can get fresh lobster directly from our boat to your kitchen table.

Shipping is sent overnight so all orders placed before noon can be shipped that day for next day delivery. We’re always working with various shipping companies to get the cost down, no matter where’s it’s headed in the US.  Once our lobsters are packed, they’re good for 24-36 hours in wet paper and frozen gel packs, allowing our customers to enjoy the taste of the Maine lobster experience wherever they call home!

Come on In!

Retail Hours:

Weekday Retail Hours:

Monday - Wednesday 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Weekend Retail Hours:

Thursday - Sunday 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.




1021 US Route 1
York, Maine